The resources on this page have been designed for psychologists, occupational health practitioners, mental health professionals, coaches, and trainers who might be interested in delivering the ACT-based training described in the book. It is important to read the book before attempting to make use of these resources, particularly if you are relatively new to the ACT approach.

The first set of links, immediately below, will take you to the participant handouts we describe in the book. All of these handouts are included in the book’s appendix, and we have also listed the page numbers where we first describe each handout.

The second set of resources contains some additional material on the intervention processes described throughout the book.  The three documents provided in the additional material section offer the following: 1) an overview of the values-based action exercises we often employ in our workplace training; 2) an overview of methods for cultivating defusion and acceptance throughout ACT-based training; and 3) some key features of the ACT trainer stance required to deliver this type of program effectively.

Participant Handouts
Handout 1      Define Your Values                                                                              (first mentioned on page 54)

Handout 2      Values, Goals, and Actions Worksheet                                            (first mentioned on page 54)

Handout 3      Home practice Session 1 to Session 2                                              (first mentioned on page 98)
Handout 3      Home practice Session 1 to Session 2.2
Handout 3      Home practice Session 1 to Session 2.3

Handout 4      Untangling from Thought Barriers to Values-Based Action         (first mentioned on page 120)

Handout 5      Values, Goals, and Actions Map                                                         (first mentioned on page 143)

Handout 6      Home Practice: Session 2 to Session 3                                             (first mentioned on page 144)

Handout 7      Assessing Value Consistency                                                              (first mentioned on page 155)

Handout 8      Home Practice: Ongoing                                                                       (first mentioned on page 170)

Additional Material
The links below take you to some additional information that you might find useful if you are considering using the training approach described in the book.

Overview of values-based exercises

Overview of defusion and acceptance exercises

Overview of ACT trainer stance